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Pre-Departure and Free COVID Testing

VECA Medical Health Centre Onewa offers pre-departure and free COVID testing for casual and enrolled patients. 

Testing is important for you, your family and the people you encounter. The only way to know if you have the virus is by testing.

Testing helps reduce the spread of the virus. When people find out that they have the virus, they can stay isolated at home or if it’s an emergency situation, hospital.

Pre-departure COVID testing charge is $200 NZD.  Please note overseas pre-departure travel swab is self funded and this covers for Labtest processing fee.

How to get tested at VECA Medical Health Centre:

1) Fill in the below form so we can record your up-to-date details.

2) We will call you as soon as possible to let you know the best time to come for the COVID swab.

3) Come to VECA Medical Health Centre at 225 Onewa Road, Birkenhead, Auckland at the time advised. 

4) When you come for the test, please wear a face covering, scan the QR code using COVID app near the front door and let us know you have arrived.  And if possible let us know your NHI number. This is likely to speed up the process.

You can find your NHI number on a hospital letter, a prescription or prescription receipt. The Ministry of Health has also set up a new 0800 number that you can call to find out: 0800 855 066.

5) Once we have acknowledged that you have arrived, please wait near the front door. Our staff will attend to you as soon as possible.

Getting the result:

If a result is positive, you will hear back within 48 hours. Negative tests can take a bit longer to return.

Once they are completed, either a community health professional or your doctor will let you know. If you have not received your result after 5 days, please contact your doctor or the testing centre.

If you test positive, the Ministry of Health and your local public health unit will call you to discuss your results. They will tell you what to do next.

Who should get tested:

  • If you have been to locations of interest

Check the locations of interest on the Ministry of Health website and follow the instructions on what to do. Locations of interest in New Zealand —

  • If you are unwell with flu like symptoms

  • If you are crossing level boundaries

Most people aged 12 and over need to get a test before permitted personal travel from the Alert Level 3 area to the Alert Level 2 area. You do not need a test when travelling out of the Alert Level 2 area.

There is an exception for people who travel into Auckland for a medical appointment (including vaccinations), and then leave to return home. They do not need a test when leaving Auckland.