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Research Publications and Conference Presentations
Connie Yuen Ching Kam

  • Chang, S.C., Kwok, A.W.L., & Kam, C.Y.C. (2019). Meta-analysis of randomized controlled
    trials in using acupuncture for treating frozen shoulder pain. 中醫護理教育實務論文集. The
    Open University of Hong Kong.


  • Tiu, M.M.H., Hong, J.Y.F, Cheng, V.S., Kam, C.Y.C., & Ng, B.T.Y. (2018). Lived experience of
    infertility among Hong Kong Chinese women. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on
    Health and Well-being. 13:1.
    doi: 0.1080/17482631.2018.1554023

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