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Enrolling with your local doctor

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Enrolling is free and voluntary. If you choose not to enrol you can still receive health services from a chosen GP/General Practice/provider of First Level primary health care services. Advantages of enrolling are that your visits to the Doctor will be cheaper and you will have direct access to a range of services linked to the PHO.

Parents can enrol children under 16, but children over 16 years need to sign their own form.

Up-to-date contact details are essential so we can get in touch with you in a timely manner. We try to contact patients by text and email whenever possible with general information and for recalls, so current mobile numbers and email addresses are important. You can opt not to receive texts and/or emails if you wish.

Once the enrolment is completed, hand it in at the Reception desk. If you were born in New Zealand, you will just need to bring some photo ID. This is not required for children under 16 years old.

If you, or a child you are enrolling, were not born in New Zealand, you will need to bring your passport which contains the visa information to show whether you (or your child) are eligible for funded health and disability services in New Zealand. This same requirement applies if you are enrolling a child who was born in New Zealand to parents who were not born in New Zealand, as they are not automatically entitled to funded health and disability services.

If you are not eligible to enrol, we will explain why. You can only be enrolled at one medical practice at a time, you should consider it your main place, or 'home', of healthcare.

It takes several days to process your application, this involves obtaining your medical records from your previous provider. If you wish to see a doctor on the day you enrol you will be asked to pay the casual rate. After that the enrolled rate applies for your visits.

Eligibility Criteria

See below visit the Ministry of Health website for eligibility to enrol.

If you reside permanently in NZ and are NOT a NZ citizen, you are eligible to enrol if you meet one of the following criteria -

  1. Hold a resident visa or permanent resident visa OR

  2. Are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident AND able to show you have been in NZ and intend to stay in NZ for at least 2 consecutive years OR

  3. Re under 18 years and in the care and control of a parent/legal guardian/adopting parent who meets one criteria in clasuses a – e

  4. Are an interim visa holder who was eligible immediately before your interim visa started OR

  5. Are a refugee or protected person OR in t eh process of applying for, or appealing refugee or protection status, OR a victim or suspected victim of people trafficking OR

  6. Are under 18 years and in the care and control of a parent/legal guardian/adopting parent who meets one criteria in clauses a) to e) above OR

  7. Are 18 or 19 years old and can demonstrate that on the 15 April 2011, you were dependant of an eligible work visa/permit holder (Visa must still be valid)

  8. Are a NZ Aid Programme student studying in NZ and receiving Official Development Assistance funding (or your partner or child under 18 years old) OR

  9. Are participating in Ministry of Education Foreign Language Teaching Assistant scheme OR

  10. Are a Commonwealth Scholarship holder studying in NZ and receiving funding from a NZ University under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Fund.

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